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All are published by Globe Pequot Press and Rowman & Littlefield and are available at bookstores and online. Some are available as Kindle editions and audio books.

Tales with a Texas Twist (2018)
is a revised 2nd edition of the Storytelling World Award honor title first published in 2005. The new collection contains 30 of Donna’s best-loved stories from folklore and history, including two that did not appear in the original volume.

Texas Myths & Legends (2016)
is a revised 2nd edition of the 2010 collection titled Mysteries and Legends of Texas. In addition to a new title and a new cover, it has two additional chapters. Altogether, the collection offers stories about lost treasures, legendary creatures, haunted sites, and mysterious – sometimes even murderous – people.

Texas Bigger and Brighter (2017)
is a 2nd edition, slightly revised, of the popular Texas Icons (2012) with text and photos showcasing 50 people, places, and events unique to the Lone Star State. It is hardbound with color photos by Paul Porter.

1001 Greatest Things Ever Said About Texas (2006)
represents a collection of quotations gleaned from a wide variety of sources and grouped by topic categories. It contains a selected bibliography and an index.

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Texas History (2011)
takes a look at 18 of the state’s most notorious rascals and downright criminals, from the likes of Jean Lafitte and Judge Roy Bean to Lee Harvey Oswald and Charles Whitman.


All are produced by Wordshop Publishing and may be ordered directly from Donna.

Texas Family Album (2002)
is a Storytelling World Award honor title containing six personal narratives: Abilene • Believe It or Not • My Sister Was Too • Kentucky Roots • The Trouble • Hard Times

Waiting for Roy & Other Family Tales (2012)
is a Storytelling World Award honor title containing the title story plus: Sweet Sue • An Old Rodeo Clown • The Bicycle Story

Our Boy, C.Y. (and his Sweet Young Thing of a Wife) (2013)
is a collection of six of Donna’s prize-winning original lies: The Swamp Fox • Fishing for the Big One • Tailgating Anyone? • Bigger Enough • Lost in Cyberspace • Ciao, Y’all

Tall Tales & Outright Lies (2010)
is a Storytelling World Award honor title containing five traditional tall tales and two of Donna’s award-winning original lies:
Pecos Bill • Diamond Bill • Bigfoot Wallace and the Hickory Nuts • Meandering Melon • One Turkey Power

Historically Speaking (2012)
includes: Babe of the Alamo • Yellow Rose of Texas • White Comanche of the Plains • The Story Behind the Story • The Texas Robin Hood • Arizona Bill • Mollie Bailey was a Spy